My Yoga for Singers classes will help singers to enhance their voices and performing skills by increasing their body awareness, breath capacity and body strength. Singers will learn to maintain a healthy and easy body alignment, and to keep their bodies open and free. By learning these techniques, singers will remain more focused and at ease, therefore improving their performance and enjoyment. I believe singing is at its best when we are centered and connected to our own unique, creative source. Yoga for Singers unifies body, voice and mind! Contact Me...
Through my classes, singers can learn yoga practices to help enliven their singing and performing in the following ways:
Poses (asanas):
   to open the body and breath mechanism
   to increase breath and body spaciousness
   to increase strength
Breathing exercises (pranayama) and relaxation techniques:
   to enhance breath flow and freedom
   to quiet and center the mind
Since 2003, Ms Kornhauser has taught Yoga for Singers for a variety of vocal programs in the DC Metro area, including the Washington National Opera Apprentice Program and Summer Institute, George Mason University Summer Vocal Institute, American University and the Duke Ellington School for Performing Arts.
"Eve's ability to help students achieve their focus and find their center was nothing short of amazing..." Nancy Snider, Chair, American University Department of Music

"You have added so much to our first semester - the kids are still talking about it!" Mary Jane Ayers, Voice Chair, Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts

"Eve's intimate understanding of vocal technique and performance, as well as breath, flow, and yoga are a perfect combination..." Rebecca Kirk, Washington National Opera Education Department