I teach private voice & piano lessons as well as group voice classes in a school setting. Many of my students are high school and college level interested in classical or music theater styles. Adult students, whether experienced or novice, will pursue their passion and hone their skills in our lively sessions. I also enjoy working with children younger than 12 and take them on a case-by-case basis.

As a teacher, I encourage my students to tap into the pure JOY of making sound, and of the primary job we have of expressing text through song. I will help you to free up your own natural sound through using vocal principals and body/alignment fundamentals drawn from yoga and the Alexander Technique. Working together, we will build upon your present strengths and identify your personal growth potential in areas including:

1. Vocal Resonance and Freedom
2. Ease of Vocal Production
3. Breath Freedom and Support
4. Diction and Text
5. Expressiveness - both musically and physically
6. Presentation/Poise

As a piano teacher, it is important that my students learn basics of technique, and note/rhythm reading, but also that they connect to their own inherent musicality and honest enjoyment. I encourage them to learn about the pieces they are playing, how they are constructed, and to trust their own creativity through improvisation. Particularly with younger students, I use many of the teaching methods that I employed during my many years of teaching elementary-level music.
Read more about my Teaching Philosophy and my Experience as a Teacher or my Lesson Policies.
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"For voice I highly recommend Eve Kornhauser. My son has been taking lessons from her for years. He is very accomplished; he has been in chambers for a long time. He was All-state several times and I think he was the first BCC student to ever be invited to All-East for chambers. Eve had a lot to do with this...I hope you give her a try. You will be impressed." S. Murchinson

"Eve is an incredible teacher. She makes you feel comfortable and really helps you find your voice. Both my son and I tried the lessons and we both loved it!" K. Kasper

"How lucky I was to find someone who has all the best traits of the best teachers -- starting with your boundless enthusiasm and joy in your profession. You are lucky to be doing what you love.  Then there is your cornucopia of knowledge and ideas which, when harnessed to your  "Let's try this!" attitude, made each lesson a discovery.  Finally, there's the easy way you modulate your teaching to fit the student (me!) and to push the student (me again!) when he needed to be pushed. Hey, who woulda thunk I'd enter the NATS competition three times?" M. Ettner

"Eve’s technique is so well-grounded and is based on discovering your natural voice in its freest most uninhibited state; She’s really helped me find my own sound. The ideas and techniques that I’ve learned from Eve have supported me throughout my collegiate studies of Voice, and into my career as an independent musician and music teacher."  K. Latham

"There is no doubt that the inspiration for our son's musical achievements, as well as the requisite voice training, have come from you.  We feel that the most important aspect of your contribution has been the enthusiasm that he now brings to singing.  He quite simply loves it."  N. Scheiner

"Eve’s gift for working with her students at whatever level of ability they may have and  helping them to reach their full potential as singers make her a truly special teacher.“ W. Amoss